Watch Jill Van Zanten make a mug:

Materials & Production

I get my Cone 5 clay from East Bay Clay in Richmond, CA.  The talented Michael Haney runs a one-man factory there, devising all his own recipes and mixing the clay himself.  It is fabulous stuff – Cone 5 Red, Cone 5 Brown, Roseville, Bay, Coach.  I use pre-mixed Cone 5 glazes from Coyote, Amaco and Laguna.  I do my throwing on a Lockerbie kickwheel with a power-assist motor, and fire to Cone 5 in a Skutt electric kiln with an electronic controller.

1 Response to Process

  1. M E says:

    I and my housemate enjoy the soap dish I discovered at the Davis Food Co-op today. We always search for the most local source to reduce our carbon footprints. Thanks for you artwork.

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