Functional Pottery for Table and Home

1I make functional pottery that invites touch, interaction and every-day use.  Clean lines, understated glaze colors and Japanese-inspired  stamp designs distinguish my work. 

To see my latest work “in person,” check out my News page.

Recently I added a new line of Adaptive Pottery co-designed with individuals with hand dexterity issues and movement disorders.

Visit my Online Store to see my most current pottery; to find my work locally, visit my About Me page.  Teachers will want to check out my Clay Classes page for ideas about clay projects for every grade level.  Curious about how wheel throwing works?  Visit my Process page to watch me make a mug. To receive the latest updates, “like” my Jill Van Zanten Pottery facebook page and follow me on Instagram @JillVanZanten

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1 Response to Functional Pottery for Table and Home

  1. K. Patricia Woods says:

    Hi Jill: I received my beautiful cup yesterday and it’s the perfect size and so beautifully made.
    You are very talented! Thank you so much. K. Patricia Woods

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